My name is Alan Steinle, and I am the creator of this website, Alan’s Editing. I have three main services: English Editing, Website Design, and Spanish to English Translation. You can learn more about my services below.

English Editing

English Editing

I have been editing English documents for over 10 years. I started editing in an academic setting, at Texas A&M University, where I edited a mechanical engineering newsletter, called The Linkage, and the Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal of Science. Being an avid reader and writer, and having obtained years of experience as an editor, I have the skills to turn your writing into clear and accurate English. read more

WordPress Website Design

Website Design

I can help you create a professional website for your business or organization. I use WordPress websites, which are designed to work on all devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones). I can also write the content of your website, edit the content of your website, and/or optimize your content for search engines (SEO) by selecting popular keywords for the content and writing summary snippets for each page. read more

Spanish to English Editing

Spanish to English Translation

I have been studying Spanish for about 8 years. I enjoy the challenge of crafting a great translation. Translation requires more than knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of the source and target languages. In order to produce a great translation, one must have a large storehouse of expressions and know how to use those expressions appropriately. read more

Client Testimonials

“Alan Steinle edited my CV and the content of the SAWA Lingua website. Alan’s content edits significantly improved the content of the website. He did much more than just correct the typos and fix the grammatical issues. I thank him for his professional and excellent service. I would highly recommend Alan’s Editing to everyone. He is a real treasure.”
—Afaf Eid, co-founder of SAWA Lingua

“I asked Alan to edit two of my papers, one for Journal of Energy Resources Technology and the other for Oil and Gas Journal, before submitting them for the peer-review process. He completed the editing service faster than I expected. Although both papers contained technical expressions, he provided his suggestions. I highly recommend his editing services to students and researchers.”
—V. Dokhani

“Alan is a great editor. He helped me improve my Ph.D. dissertation and a few blog articles by correcting my grammar, structure and punctuation. His service had always been very valuable and also on time. I would love to recommend his editing services to others without any hesitation.”
—W. Zhou

“Mr. Steinle is a professional and accurate editor. From my experience with his services, he showed a wealth of knowledge and experience. I appreciated how he edited my academic papers by correcting my grammar and punctuation. His style of editing by using comments and giving feedback is really constructive for my writing skills. His attention to detail and the willingness to go that extra step is truly reflected in his work. I look forward to working with him again.”
—Amera Eid, co-founder of SAWA Lingua and founder of For Arabic

“Alan helped with the translation of my Master’s credential from Spanish to English. He finished it so quickly and really did a very good job. Now my application has already been accepted by World Education Services!”
—Lingzi Yang

“I had Alan edit my thesis, correcting problems in grammar, making it sound more natural, which helped a lot and saved me a lot of time.”
—L. Z.

“Alan edited several documents for me. These included a scientific paper and my contributions to some other papers. He improved the sentence structure, corrected grammar mistakes, and he also paid attention to details, such as punctuation and acronyms that were not defined. I highly recommend his editing services to scientists.”
—Janusz M.

“Alan has helped me to improve the writing part of my papers and my Ph.D. dissertation. Alan has an ability to stay very focused to look into detail texts, grammars, punctuation, etc. and make them better. His response is very quick and effective.”
—T. Nguyen